A Tip for Your Tourist or Travel Business

It’s just over five years ago where I planned to get into the travel business. In fact, I wanted to get it on really slow and with no hassles whatsoever so I started out with a small souvenir store nothing more. I had planned to maybe spend two or three hours a day in my store at maximum.

What I did not expect was that my little souvenir store quickly got quite popular, mostly because of worth of mouth advertising. It also didn’t expect to get enquiries for my postcards and other touristy staff from as far as China or Japan.

Low and behold, it didn’t take  half a year and work started to pile up…

shipping softwareA big part of my business back then was shipping all sorts of merchandise. Let me tell you this may sound easier than it actually was.

Would you know how much it will cost to send a snow globe to Beijing? Would you know whether it’s even possible to send those to your customers in China? (China sure has some strict import regulations, let me tell you…)

This was when I investigated several software packages whether they can help me with my business. And this was also when I came across shipping software, the software package that I think help most with my troubles back then.

The shipping software allows to me to always know about the current shipping costs, no matter where I sent my merchandise. And it also immediately informs me when there is a potential problem with certain types of goods. (You would be surprised what a challenge it can be to mail certain goods to some countries!)

So if you are in a similar situation and struggle with all those problems such as different shipping costs and customs regulations I recommend that you get shipping software to help you out.


Tips for an Affordable Family Holiday in France

When the average holidaymaker from the UK is talking about going to France, most of the time we don’t necessarily think about a holiday on a budget. No question about it, some holiday destinations in our Southern neighbouring country can be outrageously expensive.


Travel destinations such as St. Tropez or Nice at France’s Southern coast had always been places to go for the very rich. Nights in fancy hotels in Paris are also not exactly  ideal for those who need to watch their spending while on holidays.

But did you know that you can see many great places in France if you travel with your family and happen to be on a budget?

I found this great list over at the Guardian with some of Europe’s top budget family summer holiday destinations. It also lists cool spots in France that won’t cost a fortune along with other great places all across Europe.

If you don’t want to go to France, why not check out travelling beautiful Spain with a retro VW camper or having a great time in your tipi in the midst of the Algarves in Portugal?


Ergonomic Office Furniture And Your Health

ergonomic chairOur health should always have priority before everything else. Fortunately, many people are recognizing this today.

People in general have become more health conscious, with healthy foods and fitness studios as popular today as never before.

One aspect of our life that can have a great impact on our health is our place of work.

This is especially true if we realize that many spend most of their days in offices in front of a computer.

The lack of exercise together with looking at a computer screen for many hours can bring on some of today’s most common health issues. Millions today are suffering from work-related issues such as back pains or migraines that more often than not can come from less than optimal workplaces.

Healthier workplaces, that is ergonomic desk chairs and modern computer desks that follow modern ergonomic standards can make a big difference.

How is an ergonomic chair different from a normal chair?

The biggest difference between ergonomic chairs and non-ergonomic chairs is that the ergonomic chair will have a multitude of ways to adjust them. While a normal chair can often only be adjusted in their height, an ergonomic chair allows you to also adjust the back rest, the armrests, it’s tilt and much more.

Because of the multitude ways how you can adjust an ergonomic chair it means that it can be perfectly djusted to any type of person and type of work. For example, a chair and desk can be adjusted in such a way so that using a computer will result in the least strain on the body.

Aside from ergonomic that can be adjusted in multiple ways there are other types of ergonomic furniture available today which can range from kneeling chairs and saddle chairs to exercise ball chairs and many more.

With quality ergonomic desk chairs, many of today’s health problems could be avoided before they come up.


Cost Cuts At Aldi & Lidl Make Your Holiday More Affordable

German grocery chains Aldi and Lidl have not only overtaken the UK. Today you can find those cheap grocers also at pretty much all popular holiday destinations such as in Spain or Portugal. Even small towns in Spain today are likely to have one Aldi or a Lidl nearby.

This year, average prices for groceries in those stores had been cut again with as much as 45% lower as compared to the year before. For holiday makers who are self-catering, this means that their holidays have become even more affordable.

The Telegraph found the lowest grocery costs in those supermarket chains to be on Spain’s popular Costa Blanca with the most expensive in Cyprus. They bought 20 test items on each place including beer and wine. On the Costa Blanca, the Telegraph had to spend £37 for the groceries while the same things cost £69 in Limassol in Cyprus.

The price cuts for groceries in the popular supermarkets at your favourite holiday destinations make self-catered holidays today an attractive alternative for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money during their holidays.


Camping: The Exciting Way To Travel France On a Budget

camper-van-campingFrance has an enormous advantage: It is close to the UK which means that a trip to France is never more than a stone-throw away.

Whether you plan to travel per plane, air or train, it won’t ever take long until you arrive and your travel costs will likewise always be rather minimal.

But if you love travel and want to watch your budget you can do even more to avoid unnecessary spending. One of the best ways to get around on the cheap is camping.

But saving a good chunk of your money is not the only benefit camping can provide you. Camping can provide you a lot of flexibility that you don’t have with other ways of vacationing. If you have your own camper van you’re free to go to anywhere you want and any time you like. You don’t need to worry about booking hotel rooms and the many other hassles that can often come with traveling.

For me, camping with my camper van is the best and most exciting way to travel. I’ve never gone back to the old ways of going on vacation in boring hotels where everyone else is staying. With my camper van I can see all those places I want to see and it sure is also the best way to get really close-up and personal with the people and the entire country.

Now, the cool thing about camping with a modern camper is that you don’t really have to buy one since you can always rent a van almost anywhere today. This is a nice option if you want to give camping a try or only travel on occasion. I recommend a good VW camper hire in the UK where they can show you their range of vans from cheap and simple to lavish and luxurious. A good camper hire firm will have vans for any type of travel and budget.

I also recommend that you see www.campingfrance.com/uk and www.eurocampings.co.uk/france/ for a list of great camp sites in France to get you started!