Camping: The Exciting Way To Travel France On a Budget

camper-van-campingFrance has an enormous advantage: It is close to the UK which means that a trip to France is never more than a stone-throw away.

Whether you plan to travel per plane, air or train, it won’t ever take long until you arrive and your travel costs will likewise always be rather minimal.

But if you love travel and want to watch your budget you can do even more to avoid unnecessary spending. One of the best ways to get around on the cheap is camping.

But saving a good chunk of your money is not the only benefit camping can provide you. Camping can provide you a lot of flexibility that you don’t have with other ways of vacationing. If you have your own camper van you’re free to go to anywhere you want and any time you like. You don’t need to worry about booking hotel rooms and the many other hassles that can often come with traveling.

For me, camping with my camper van is the best and most exciting way to travel. I’ve never gone back to the old ways of going on vacation in boring hotels where everyone else is staying. With my camper van I can see all those places I want to see and it sure is also the best way to get really close-up and personal with the people and the entire country.

Now, the cool thing about camping with a modern camper is that you don’t really have to buy one since you can always rent a van almost anywhere today. This is a nice option if you want to give camping a try or only travel on occasion. I recommend a good VW camper hire in the UK where they can show you their range of vans from cheap and simple to lavish and luxurious. A good camper hire firm will have vans for any type of travel and budget.

I also recommend that you see www.campingfrance.com/uk and www.eurocampings.co.uk/france/ for a list of great camp sites in France to get you started!